The ultimate tool of life assessment

The is a simple yet powerful tool to assess your life by visualizing every area of it. Visualization helps you to realize which area needs improvement and what you need to do to make a balance in your life.

What is wheel of life?

The conception of Wheel Of Life originated from Buddhists' teaching. Later in 1960s, Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, created a motivational tool using this idea.

This tool is used for life assessment. For creating a well balanced life and setting a life goal, this tool is very necessary.

Wheel of life is divided into some categories which are considered as part of life. Each category is placed in an arc in the wheel. And each category consists a rating out of 10.

So if the wheel defines the important parts of the life, then one can easily asses the current status of each of the categories of his/her life.

Thats how one will have a visual idea of what needs to be improved for making a well balanced life.

How does it work
This is a simple system where you will simply rate your own personal performance in various categories in your life.

The score is out of 10, if you mark yourself low that means you rate yourself poorly in that category.

If you mark yourself high that means you are meeting your expectations in that category of your life. Remember it is a self-assessment there is no right or wrong just a feeling of how well you are tracking at a certain point in your life.

This system evaluates your current year performance and next year target. Thus it shows a visual comparison of those.
Using the tool
Work your way through the categories and stop the reflect for a bit and simply choose the number that best reflects how you think you are performing.
A great way to help bench mark you is to look to see if you think you could improve your life in this area of your life.

It helps you work out that you maybe low scoring in this area of your life and marking lower is being honest to help you get a benchmark. Work your way through all the categories for your current year assessment.
Then move to where you would like to be in one year from now "your next year target" and populate a number that would be higher if you wanted to better yourself in this area of your life.
Improving your life
Now you will receive a report showing where you currently are and where you want to go, it will give you a visual aid in showing a gap in these areas of your life.
Now you may have more work to do in certain areas of your life, but this report may spur you on to make change.

As a formula to help you to change and have a different result. BE x Do = HAVE.
To have a different result in life we must do things differently plus we must be a different person to achieve this.
So you know what you want to have now.
Who do you have to Be?
And what do you need to Do?

Education & Personal Development

Rate your education & personal development. Assess your satisfaction level and fix your future goal on it.


Track your time you spend behind your family. Find yourself, how you are in it out of 10.


Find out your stand. Rate yourself, how much you are with your romance.


Assess your current financial status. Set a goal for future and compare your progress.

Time Management

Can't meet up your time managing goals over the year? Assess it and compare over the quarter of the coming year. If not satisfied, get a coaching for what you need to improve.


Are you happy with your career? Need more improvement? Assess it now!


Compare you adventure next year with the current year.


Rate how much healthy you were in the current year and how much you need improvement.