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What to delegate

The objective of this site is to build a tool that will help you decipher a list of tasks that you carry out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually

And have a dollar value against them and category whether or not you like doing that task and or whether it gives you a good return on your time.

Who is the tool for?

Its for any one in business wanting to make a decision of what they want to delegate, we all do many tasks in our business . Some time we are the only one and want to work out where to start and what to delegate.

But we don't have any guidance and keep on just doing all the tasks, or you are in a bigger business with staff and want to move forward but you have got no time to move forward and believe that you are the only one that can do these tasks.

Why I built the tool

Sure to start with I had to do all the tasks, from selling the job, doing the job, invoicing the job , processing suppliers dockets the yes chasing the money for the job. I didn’t know where my time was best spent so I simply kept doing all the tasks.

But there was nothing around even as a guide to work out what tasks I didn’t like or even if they were giving me a return on my time, It was simply a job doing every part of it.

So I built this tool to help any one in that situation, save them some time with categorizing the list of tasks you don't like plus actually put a financial figure against it what its actually costing you now with your current earnings.
Time slice
- has the ability to print off a PDF version and or a excel version of the time slice on line to help you monitor what you actually do a task any time of the day. You can use this time slice as a guide or simply populate the fields if you have a good idea what it is any way.
– this is where you will put all your earnings into the tool from wages, dividends, rent, and profit in the business and or any other means of income that you earn for the year.

# You will add the number of week’s holidays into he calculator, RDO of days off that you have.
# You will add the number of hours per week you currently work.
# Then it will give you an hourly rate that you are currently worth to your company.
# Yes you may be surprised and say maybe working at McDonalds is a better option.

But at least have a good idea of what your hourly rate is and it comes in handy when we work out the current tasks you do in the business and see if you are getting a good return on your time or not.
The tasks
- this will be a list of tasks within the tool that you will be adding times against , any thing from being on the tools, to estimating, accounts, business development, and much more

# You will allocate times against the tasks.
# You will choose if that’s a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly for annual task against each task.
# You will nominate the actual time in hours against each task.
# Then will have the option to choose from these categories:
  1. Love doing the task
  2. Like doing the task
  3. Hate doing the task
# Then next to that there will be another choice:
  1. Get a great financial return
  2. Get a good financial return
  3. Get a poor financial return
# Then it will be skill tested:
  1. I am the only one that can do this task
  2. Another skilled person can complete this task
  3. Any one can do this task with my training if I show them how
The report
– you will then press complete where you will receive a list of tasks that you can delegate to some one, you will know if they need to be skilled plus it will tell you currently what is costing you and the company based on your current time spent and earnings This list t is what you need to delegate and give to some one else to complete, it will categorize them whether they are admin or accounts , on the tools or estimating it will provide you will a good guide of what to delegate.
Pie chart
– this is a graphic feature will split your tasks into colours and illustrate how much time you spend doing the tasks that need to be done. It’s a visual prompt and helps you make the decision to leverage your self out of these tasks.
What's next
- well this is where you work out if you are going to keep doing these tasks and or if you want to do some thing about it, You have a rough idea how many hours you will be getting back to either stop working or concentrate on the tasks that you enjoy doing and get a good financial return on. Plus it will give you a budget of what it’s actually costing you to completing these tasks your self It will help you make the decision to engage some one else to do that task. Yeah it seems easy to right?
The best thing is at least you have a list to work with. Take that list and create the ultimate system so you are assured that the task is being done by some one else the same if not better than what you can do it.

How to - this is how you do it
Take only one of the tasks and write it down step by step, the process must be seamless. You must step it out exactly how you currently do it. It must have clear description.
Must have the frequency in which you do that task. KPI [ key performance indicator ] showing you that it has been done to your standard, a report capturing that its sorted. Tested, make sure that the system works. Then trust it is being done to your standards.

I'm still stuck!!

– well its all good to go through this procedure and have a list and then instructions on how to do it, but to be honest you need to be held accountable to get these things done, Business coaching is one of the only ways to get stuff done.

Please reach out for a Free 20 minute chat and see if you are compatible with working with us to help you get your time back. Or make more money, other than that good luck with the tool.

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